Heavy Equipment Cleaning

We are equipped to handle the rigorous demands of heavy equipment cleaning such as garbage trucks, landfill equipment, excavators, dozers, and agricultural machinery.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning Services

Our heavy equipment cleaning manager is both a licensed equipment and crane operator, also CDL A driver with over 30 years experience.

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Lance’s Power Washing offers comprehensive heavy equipment cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of various industries, including waste management, construction, agriculture, and more.

Professional Heavy Equipment Cleaning?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your heavy equipment is not only crucial for extending its lifespan but also for ensuring optimal operation and compliance with industry regulations. Regular cleaning can help to:

  • Prevent Corrosion and Wear: Dirt, debris, and other contaminants can cause significant wear and corrosion over time. Regular cleaning removes these harmful materials and helps prevent premature breakdowns.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Clean equipment runs more efficiently and is less likely to suffer from overheating or other operational issues.
  • Improve Safety: Removing build-up from operational components and maintaining clear visibility is essential for safe operation.
  • Meet Compliance Standards: Many industries require regular cleaning of equipment to meet environmental and safety standards.

Why Choose Lance’s Power Washing?

  • Expertise in Heavy Equipment: We have extensive experience in handling all types of heavy machinery across various sectors.
  • Equipment Operators – CDL A: Our heavy equipment manager is also an operator that carries a Class A CDL with 30+ years experience.
  • Mobile Service Convenience: Our mobile cleaning units come to your site, saving you time and transportation costs.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: We use environmentally responsible cleaning agents and methods to ensure your compliance with environmental standards.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We work around your operations to minimize downtime and disruption to your workflow.

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Keep your heavy machinery in top condition with Lance’s Power Washing. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning or to learn more about our specialized services. Trust us to bring the best in cleanliness and maintenance to your valuable equipment.

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Our Heavy Equipment Cleaning Process

Professional Heavy Equipment Cleaning

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  1. Assessment

    We begin with your specific requirements for each piece of heavy equipment cleaning and assess the type and level of soiling. This ensures that we address all areas of concern without damaging sensitive components.

  2. Customized Cleaning Solutions

    Using eco-friendly and industry-approved cleaning agents, we customize our approach based on your equipment's specific needs. Whether it’s grease from a garbage truck or mud on a dozer, we have a solution to tackle it.

  3. Advanced Cleaning Techniques

    Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment, including high-pressure washers and steam cleaners capable of reaching up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 14 gallons per minute. This equipment effectively removes dirt, grease, and grime from even the hardest-to-reach parts of your machinery.

  4. Detailed Rinse and Inspection

    After cleaning, a thorough rinse ensures no residue remains, followed by a detailed inspection to ensure every component meets our high standards of cleanliness.

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Get a FREE Heavy Equipment Cleaning Quote

Get a FREE, no-obligation Heavy Equipment Cleaning quote today.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning FAQs

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  • Do you provide mobile services to our location?

    Yes, we provide fully mobile power washing services. Our team comes to your location, minimizing downtime and allowing you to focus on your operations without transporting the fleet to an off-site facility.