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Lance's Power Washing uses a soft-wash to gently clean and remove contaminates from the exterior of your home.

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At Lance’s Power Washing, we recognize that the exterior of your home is not only the first impression for visitors but also a critical barrier protecting your family and belongings from the elements. Our house washing services are designed to rejuvenate your home’s appearance and maintain its integrity with our gentle yet effective soft wash technique.

Understanding Soft Wash Technology

Traditional pressure washing can often be too harsh for your home’s exterior, risking damage to siding, windows, and landscaping. Unlike high-pressure systems, our soft wash technique employs a low-pressure delivery system combined with high-quality, environmentally safe cleaning solutions. This method is ideal for effectively removing dirt, algae, mildew, and other unsightly stains without endangering the structure or finish of your home.

The Need for Professional House Washing

Environmental factors like pollution, rain, UV rays, and biological growth not only affect your home’s aesthetic but can also lead to substantial material degradation over time. Algae and mildew, for example, can retain moisture against the surface, potentially causing rot and mold within exterior walls. Regular house washing prevents these issues, prolongs the life of your home’s exterior, and keeps your residence looking its best.

Advantages of Regular House Washing

  • Protects Home Integrity: Regular cleaning removes harmful substances that can degrade building materials, helping to avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your home’s exterior.
  • Enhances Curb Appeal: A clean home not only looks beautiful but also makes a positive impression on guests and potential buyers.
  • Prevents Health Hazards: By removing mold, algae, and mildew, our services also help prevent these allergens from affecting your family’s health.
  • Increases Property Value: Regular exterior cleaning is a small investment that can significantly increase the value of your property, making it a wise choice for homeowners considering future resale.

Customized Services for Every Home

We understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer customized house washing services tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your property. Whether your home is clad in vinyl, brick, stucco, or wood, we have the expertise to choose the best cleaning method for your material without causing damage.

Environmentally Responsible Practices

At Lance’s Power Washing, we are committed to sustainability. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, and our soft wash method uses water efficiently to minimize waste. We strive to protect your landscaping and local waterways from the potential impact of harsh chemicals commonly used in traditional pressure washing.

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Our House Wash Process

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  1. Detailed Inspection

    Each house washing project begins with a thorough evaluation of your home’s exterior. Our trained technicians assess the type and extent of contamination, as well as identify any particular concerns such as sensitive plants or custom exterior features that require special consideration.

  2. Cleaning Solutions

    Based on the initial inspection, we formulate a specific cleaning solution adjusted for the materials of your home's exterior and the nature of the contaminants. Our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and specifically designed to effectively cleanse without harming your landscaping or exterior finishes.

  3. Soft Wash

    Our skilled technicians apply the cleaning solution using specialized low-pressure equipment. This process ensures that the solution soaks into the growths and stains without blasting your siding or shingles with harmful high pressure. The soft wash effectively breaks down dirt, algae, and other debris at a molecular level, allowing for a thorough clean.

  4. Gentle Rinse

    After allowing the solution to work its magic, we carefully rinse your home with low-pressure water. This step removes all traces of dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your home sparkling without any residue.

  5. Final Inspection

    Following the cleaning, we conduct a final walkthrough to ensure that every inch of your home’s exterior meets our high standards of cleanliness. Any touch-ups needed are addressed promptly to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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House Wash FAQs

Please find some of our most Frequently Asked Questions for House Washing.

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  • How Often Should I Wash My House?

    The frequency of house washing can vary based on several factors, including the climate, location, and the materials used in your home’s construction.

    For most homes, a good rule of thumb is to schedule a house wash every 1-2 years to keep it looking its best and to protect it from long-term damage caused by buildup and infestations. Regular inspections can help you decide if more frequent cleanings might be necessary based on your home’s specific conditions and environmental conditions.

  • How long does a house wash take?

    There are a lot of variables to consider including the size of the house, how many stories, and the level of cleaning that is required, a typical house wash can take anywhere from 1 -4 hours.

  • What method do you use to wash my house?

    We use the ‘soft wash’ method for cleaning the exterior of your home. When it comes to shingles and roofs, soft wash safely relies on detergents to clean and kill any mold, mildew or algae. We only use pressure to wash driveways, concrete patios, stone, and fences.

  • How much does it cost for an exterior house wash?

    The cost of an exterior house wash can vary widely depending on several factors such as the size of the home, the type of cleaning method used, the level of dirt and grime buildup, and the geographic location. On average in Northeast Ohio, an exterior house wash can range from $250 – $800 depending on variables.